UX/UI Designer / Graphic Designer

UX/UI designer with a background in graphic design and pattern design. I also have skills in production, sales and communication.

I have always been deeply intrigued by the diversity of human needs and differences.

My story. 

The joy of creating emerged very early in my life. Crafting and drawing were already favorite activities during my childhood, influencing my choices from primary school subjects to high school, college, and professional endeavors.

I founded the company in 2007, sparked by my first illustration commission while pursuing my design education at HDK. Naturally, I continued developing the business after earning my bachelor's degree in 2010.

I've actively produced, sold, and marketed my designs over the years while balancing employment. Currently, I'm furthering my skills in UX Design through ongoing studies.

I have always focused on people and their needs and behaviors, so when I discovered the UX part of design, I knew immediately that it was my way forward.